Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Symptoms and home pain relief

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is the pain that occur when there is pressure within the wrist that can cause tingling, numbness, weekness and pain in the fingers.  Occassionally you can also feel pain in the arm. Loss of sensation in the fingers and weakness in the hands can also occur.

Our wrist is surrounded by a band of fibrous ligaments that is support to the joint. The narrow space between the wrist and the band is called the carpal tunnel.  A median nerve passes through the carpal tunnel that receive the sensations from the thumb, index and middle fingers.

When these band of ligaments swell, it will cause pressure directly to the median nerve and you will feel the irritation that may cause the tingling and numbness of the fingers, a condition now we call carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Use wrist band to create pressure on your wrist

If untreated, carpal tunnel syndrome may cause burning pain, and at night, will keep you awake and feel miserable all day.

There several known causes that contribute to the carpal tunnel syndrome.  Repetitive finer and hand use, obesity, pregnany, arthritis and diabetes may cause this syndrome.  A direct injury or trauma to the wrist can also be a factor.

There are home and natural ways for pain relief caused by capral tunnel syndrome.  But, you still need to consult your doctor if you have this ailment to give you proper medication and to check on your condition so that pain will not worsen.

There are no known supplements or alternative medicine that have been tested safe with this medical condition.

Here are some of the home remedies you can try for pain relief:

  • Put ice on your wrist – ice helps to reduce the swelling on your wrist.  For 10 minutes, wrap ice in a small towel and put directly on the swollen part.

ice on wrist

  • Take Vitamin B6  – promotes pain relief by reducing the sensitivity to pain.  Vitamin B6 is also knonw to detect peripheral neuropathy. Fish, organ meats, cereals, bananas and mangoes are foods that contain vitamin B6.
  • Wrist Stretches Exercise – this kind of exercise helps to open up the pressured area and relieve discomfort in the carpal tunnel. Raise your arms (sitting or standing up straight) and make fists with both hands. Proper breathing and when you exhale, bend your wrists pointing downward in 8 counts. Then flex your wrists and fingers upward as if you are waving. Then try pulling or stretching your fingers and repeat the exercise for 10 or more times.

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  • Thumb Stretching – in a flat surface, stretch your fingers then pull you thumb repeateldy for 10-12 times and do the same routine with the other fingers. You may also try putting a tight rubber band in your hand and stretch your thumb in an up and down motion.

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  • Warrior Yoga Position - Yoga designed for strengthening, stretching, and balancing exercise for each joint in the upper body. One is the Warrior position. With legs spread out, stand up straight, turn your right foot out and slightly turn your left foot in the safe position. (If you can make it like your feet our inline, better) Bend your right knee and raise your stretched arms parallel to the floor, stretching your chest and pulling your shoulder blades together. Turn your head to the right with proper breathing and stay in this posture as long as you can take it.

warrior yoga

  • Prayer Hands Yoga Position –  this is an excellent wrist stretch exercise.  Sitting or standing up straight, bring your hands, palm touching until your wrists are gently stretched.  Hold on in this position in 10 counts then repeat it again.


Avoid delaying treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome to keep you away from a more serious consequence this may give you.


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