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Arthritis is a joint inflammation disorder and it is most common to older people 60 years and above.  But it doesn’t mean that this is  a disease of older people.  Nowadays, there are young people afflicted with arthritis and this is becoming so alarming because there so many of the younger generation with this disease.

The most common form of arthritis, young or older generation is osteoarthritis.  Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis are other forms of this disease.

The pain usually comes from joint inflammation and it is also most common to women than to men.

And research shows that, arthritis is not only muscle or joint inflammation affecting disease but, it has strong association with depression and thus affects your social life and psychological distress.

Age and gender is not only the factors of arthritis but, there is a specific gene that may cause this and mostly this is hereditary.

Lifestyle can contribute to arthritis.  Being overweight is a high risk to acquire arthritis. Joint injuries from past accident can contribute too.  And also don’t forget that your work may also contribute to this disease specially to people working in the office that they spend more time sitting for 8 hours or more.

There are natural ways that can prevent or help ease the pain for people with arthritis. Here are some of this natural medicine you can try:

  • ALOE VERA –  has been an alternative medicine for arthritis for centuries now. Aloe vera decreases the level of blood sugar and treating skin abrasions. Aloe vera when applied soothes joint pain.

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  • GREEN TEA – reduces inflammation in the body. Green Tea is best for people with osteoarthritis.

green tea

  • GINGER –  a favorite in the culinary world, ginger’s strong flavor have anti-inflammatory properties.


  • TURMERIC – helps fight inflammation in the joint. This herb slows down the progression of arthritis.


  • EUCALYPTUS – the oil from this plant can treat arthritis pain. Eucalyptus contain tannins that contribute to reduce the inflammation.


  • BOSWELLIA –  because of its anti-inflammatory properties, boswelia plant has been used as an alternative medicine for arthritis.


  • CAT’S CLAW - the anti-inflammatory properties of this herb reduces the swelling causing arthritis. The Incas used cat’s claw to cure any swelling in the joints and muscles.

cat's claw

  • THUNDER GOD VINE – an old Chinese medicine used to cure any swelling disorder in our body. It is not only use to cure arthritis but also boost the immune system.  Need to be used with caution because there are parts in this plant that is poisonous and might irritate your skin.

thunder god vine

  • WILLOW BARK – an ancient herb used treating any kind of inflammation. You need to take the right dose of this herb because too much intake of this plant may cause rashes.

willow bark

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