Acupuncture: Back Pain Relief Home Remedies and Treatment

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It has been proven both in personal experience and in many health and pain relief revelations online that acupuncture had so many relief-giving advantages when used in our body. There were even studies that tell about the long term reduction of pain with the use of acupuncture in back pain. If you want, you can visit our post on the back pain relief remedies.

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Acupuncture Pain Relief Medication and Treatment

This study was documented in Sheffield University in the United Kingdom where 159 different people with lower back pain symptoms were administered with acupuncture using only 8 vital point treatment set-ups. 80 people were said to have undergone usual care. Results were amazingly great with reduction of lower back pain symptoms.

1 year of treatment afterwards, the administration of acupuncture resulted in reduced pain for those who received the treatment as compared to those 80 people who did not undergo the same process. Another 2 years and the people who undergone acupuncture were already pain-free.

Acupuncture Meridians and Vital Points

Acupuncture Meridians and Vital Points (photo credits to

How does acupuncture work for pain relief?  Traditional Chinese medicine revealed that pain is due to blocked energy in areas of energy pathways of the human body. The acupuncture needles are used on these blocked pathways to have them unblocked by inserting them in vital points of the body. This serves as the actual treatment process.

An existing scientific explanation to the process of acupuncture natural remedy is that needles when inserted in pain area vital points or meridians release natural pain-relieving opioids. This system of medication sends signals that calms the sympathetic nervous system, and releases neurochemicals and hormones in effect. When this process is repeated at a certain degree required for treatment, the result is a permanent pain relief.

If you have back pain and would like to administer natural pain remedy treatment via acupuncture, just to give you an idea, it could usually costs you in the U.S. between $60 minimum up to $120 maximum.

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