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October 22, 2015 painremedies BackYoga Exercises

There are many reasons why you are having back pains.  It may be from the muscles, bones, joints, nerves or most of the time, there is a problem in your spine.  Problems in gallbladder and pancreas may also contribute to back pain.

Back pain can be a simple ache, a piercing pain or burning sensation.  And because the spine is very important in posture, back pain can be felt in your arms, legs, hands or feet.  But the most common area of the pain is in the lower back area.

There are natural herbs, cures or home reliefs that can help to ease back pain.  If its just a minor ache or pain, you can easily take home cures, but if the pain persists, you need to see you doctor to find out where the pain originates.

This cure are big help for sure, but most of the people who have a consistent back pains, they turn into back exercises or take the yoga class.

Yoga as we all know, helps to strengthen and imporve your emotional and physical aspects.  Unlike with hard exercises for the back that may add to more pain, yoga can help you meditate and dictate your body how you can handle the pain.

Here are some of the yoga exercise for the back that you can practice in your home:

  • Cat Position – Like a cat, on all fours, hold your back in a flat postion, breathe in as you pull your chin in towards your chest. Exhale and stretch your head up, so your backarches up towards the ceiling. Relax, and do not rush, repeat again until you are done.


  • Child’s Pose –  The child’s pose is an active stretch that helps elongate the back.  It’s a great exercise before going to bed or after an exhausting day. Start on all fours with your arms stretched out straight in front of you, sit back so your butt muscles come to rest just above your heels. Hold the position for 5 to 10 breaths, and repeat as many times as needed for a good, soothing stretch.

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  • Corpse Position – Lie down on your back and put your arms down by your sides. Start to turn your knees out slowly, but stop if this is painful. Breathe in and out and just relax. This is a great way to reduce problems with tension and stress in your back.

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  • Pigeon Pose -From a downward-facing dog with your feet together, draw your left knee forward and turn it out to the left so your left leg is bent and near-perpendicular to your right leg. Then, lower both legs to the ground. Carefully pull your back foot off the ground and in toward your back. Hold the position for 5 to 10 breaths, then switch to the other side, and repeat as needed.

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  • Twisting Your Back – This is a very gentle stretch and you should only twist as far as you find it comfortable. Sit down on the floor and bend your right knee, then lift your right leg and put it over the top of your left leg. Put your right foot flat on the floor. Now twist your neck to try and look over your right shoulder and hold. Repeat by looking over your left shoulder.  Do not do this kind of yoga position if you are experiencing pain.

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  • Triangle Pose – This pose is greath to strengthen your back and lengthen you muscles on the sides of your torso. Start by standing straight with your feet together, lunge your left foot back three to four feet, and point your left foot out at a 45-degree angle. Turn your chest to the side and open up the pose by stretching your right arm toward the ground and the left arm toward the ceiling, keeping both your right and left legs straight. You may not be able to touch the ground with your right arm at first, don’t over-stretch. You can only bend as far as you can while maintaining a straight back. Hold the position for 5 to 10 breaths, then switch to the other side, and repeat as needed.

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  • Locust Position – A popular yoga pose and easy to improve your back condition. Start by lying on your stomach and put your arms down by your sides with your palms facing downward. Bend your elbows slightly and point your fingers towards your feet. Slowly, raise the legs off the ground. Hold in that position for one second and then repeat 10 times. Do not over do if you feel pain.

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