Natural pain relievers

February 19, 2016 painremedies BackHeadSkin

Is your pain bothering you? Are you in pain? There are hundreds of over-the-counter pain killer/reliever in so many drugstores that are being prescribed to you by your doctor.  But still, even if its already prescribed, you are still not satisfied and still feel the pain.


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Stinky feet anyone?

January 14, 2016 painremedies FeetSkin

  What does having stinky feet bring to a person? Embarassment. Low self esteem. Avoiding in contact with others. 


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The many uses of aloe vera for beauty and health

December 21, 2015 painremedies DiabetesFeetHerbal MedicinesSkinStomach

Aloe vera has been known as an herbal plant with too many medicinal and cosmetic benefits that you can get from this wonder plant.  And aloe vera has been in used for medicine since the first century.


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