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September 11, 2015 painremedies DiabetesSigns and symptoms

The World Health Organization ranked diabetes as the 8th most common cause of death in the world.  And yearly, approximately 1.5 million deaths are attributed to or complication due to diabetes.

Many were astounded to find out they have diabetes without feeling any kind of symptoms or signs that they have it even if they are practicing healthy living.  And some, when detected, are already of Type 2 diabetes.

Early sings and symptoms of the diabetes are easily brushed off because its harmless and most of the time disregarding that it is something serious. And because of this attitude, by the time diabetes is discovered, it is already serious and a lifetime medication and lessens the kind of lifestyle you want.

Here are some to find out if you are at risk of having diabetes may it be acquired or inherited disease.

1. Overweight.

Being overweight especially gaining too much in your abdominal area, these are the people that are prone to type 2 diabetes.

2. Over 45 years of age.

You can acquire diabetes at any age but generally, the older that you get, the higher risk that you can acquire the disease. Most of us nearing our 40s, we tend to get lazy or forget the diet that is fitting for us.

3. Family history with diabetes.

If there is a history of diabetes in your immediate family, the possibility of inheriting this disease is high. No matter how healthy you live your life, genetically it is in your blood.

4. Lack of physical exercises.

Lack of exercise will increase the risk of having diabetes. Not only for overweight people but for everybody.

5. During pregnancy if you have acquired diabetes or gave birth to a baby that is 9 lbs. in weight.

During pregnancy, women tend to eat more, less exercise, gain weight and change of blood pressure. The risk of having diabetes to pregnant women is very high.

Like any other illness or diseases, diabetes also have symptoms that if only we can be aware of, early medication can prevent it to be a full blown disease.

Here are some of the symptoms of diabetes.

1. Always thirsty.
2. Losing weight without even trying to diet.
3. Sudden blurry vision.
4. Urinating a lot especially at night.
5. Itching at the genital area.
6. Getting tired easily than usual.
7. Wounds take longer to heal.

This symptoms usually happen when the glucose in our body stays in the blood and not being used to produce energy in our body.

If you think that you have 3 or more of these symptoms, the necessary thing to do is to have a doctor to check you up and give you proper medications to prevent you to become an insulin dependent diabetic.

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