7 Weird Joint Pain Natural Cures and Relief through Diet and Simple Exercise

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Joints of Human

Joint pain is one of the world’s biggest problems today (read an article from Web MD in the link or go find other resources like Mayo Clinic but please stay away from drugs you do not know about). There are so many causes as to why we feel pain in our joints and there are different treatment approaches out there that you can use. Some, you have to buy while most are free for those who know their way online through the use of the internet. There are those paid subscription websites that offer custom treatment programs and there are simple ways with which you can ease out and take away the joint pain permanently. (full photo credits to med-health.net)

I myself have been through this and I would like to give you, our readers here at Natural Pain Remedies what I personally did and what regimen has rendered me absolutely 100% pain free from the different joints, especially that on my knee, foot, fingers and the worst pain i’ve had for more than 20 years – my lower back pain which has contributed to having difficulty staying in squat sitting position for a long time. It renders me almost incapable of standing up by myself and I would usually require some assistance just to get up from bed or from any type of sitting position, at times even by just staying in a low chair. My hip and waist pain has also been going for quite some time since I stopped working back in 1989 up to 2013.

Just imagine hip joint and waist pain for more than 24 years! I’m now glad to say I’m finally 100 % pain-free just because of these 10 weird tips that I am using daily for just 5 minutes a session for only 3 sessions per day plus a diet that has really helped me get out of this misery of pain in my lower back for 8 straight months now.

For those of you out there who have been to the same dilemma and have somehow found a way to do these routines and diet and have also been pain-free for some time, please share it here using our comments section. Now, these tips are totally free for you to use but I must tell you that this is not a medical advise nor a cure. Some things might just work for some and might not for others. It is still best to consult first with a medical professional in the field of study for your pain problems. These tips are in any way not a substitute to medical cure. These are natural things that occur in our daily life that we somehow have missed today being under a sedentary life that we life in facing computers almost half the life that we life every day.

7 Weird Tips for Joint Pain – Free Living

  1. Brisk walking 15 minutes 3 times daily or whenever you feel like it with intervals of at least 4 hours each session.
  2. Tai Chi – In many parts in the Philippines, there were many parks where tai chi is free. All you have to do is to join the old people doing the exercise on public viewing in parks. If you happen to live in the Philippines, Manila, there are a few places where you can catch up with Chinese old people doing the routine exercises of tai chi in Luneta Park, Baguio Burnham Park, Fort Santiago, Manila Zoo, Wild Life Eco Park, La Mesa Watershed Eco Park and more. You can view a video routine to follow on basic tai chi exercises and movements below
  3. Zumba – This is no exercise but just simple dance that involves exercising the whole body with an aura of happiness. Many dancing routines take out pain immediately and with my case, I do a couple of times a day simple Zumba using free video to follow and a small radio casette to play the music and presto!
  4. Yoga – yoga is known to be one of the most effective in making our body become flexible and when it does, it literally wards off all sorts of degenerative diseases caused by living a sedentary life in our computers. This includes all sorts of pain in the body and joints too. I have personally been undergoing up to this day the 12 simple / basic yoga exercise which you can find in a YouTube.Com video below.
  5. Acupuncture – This is one of the centuries old effective ways to relax the body and redirect the natural energy in our body too. Many of our body points include specific places when applied acupuncture can relieve even the most severe pain.
  6. Chiropractic – Non invasive musculoskeletal and nervous system diagnosis and treatment through adjustment of the bone structure to avoid and re align compromised spinal nerves.
  7. Diet – In my case, simply going on a 21-day 100% raw vegetable diet cured all joint pain I have been experiencing for more than 20 years. Try this one and you’ll be surprised at the holistic effects you’ll realize later was the best thing you could ever give your nutrient deficient body.

Whatever you find through your own research online, avoid taking in muscle relaxants and other medications you do not know about its contents. Better yet, make your own research. They will only further complicate your condition through effects of altering the human physiology which by definition of the basic law of medicine is against all odds which is to cure. Remember what the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates once said – “let food be thy medicine and medicine by they food”.

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    gusto ko sana tanong kung ano po bang pwedeng gamot sa laging nanakit ang mga paa na may pamamanhid na kasama at saka pananakit ng mga masel sa kamay,ganon din po sa laging nagpapawis ang ander arms

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