6 Top Common Symptoms of Menopause

October 20, 2013 painremedies How ToWomen Problems

If you thought that you can find basic home relief to your itchy skin problems if you are under menopause stage development, you could be wrong with your ways to use them. But understanding how menopause works and its different symptoms will definitely help you know more and accept that there are certain things in life that happen in due time like old age which can’t be helped and will eventually come. Menopause works the same and it so happened that today, while searching for common natural remedies for itchy female sex organ, I came to find a good resource pointing to a possible relation to itchy skin and menopause stage for my wife, Ana. (full photo credits to drugs.com)

perimenopause periodShe had been experiencing hot flashes, mood swings and exhibiting a bit of easily getting irritated with small things and situations at home. So what I did since I immediately thought of her undergoing a possible peri-menopausal period changes, is to search the internet. We’ve been over the changes now for the family members for almost a month and have overcome her sudden mood swings at home but just a couple of days ago, she started experiencing itchy skin in her most sensitive part, the vagina. At first I tried to search for some common remedies to this at to this point, we still haven’t explored any of the natural ways to relieve itchyness on her female sex organ. But upon learning that apart from the 6 top changes in a woman undergoing menopause, itchy skin sometimes gets in and could be a symptom of menopause too. So I searched.

Tomorrow is our schedule to see to it to use some of the top 10 tips in how to get rid of the itchy feeling and sensation in her organ and I am excited to tell her about this the next day since she is already sleeping by the time I wrote this post. Just for the purpose of chronicling the finds from my online research. Another thing I am looking in to is what we call jock itch. It is a common problem for both married and single people which is basically caused by fungal skin infection. We both had it a couple of weeks ago but mine is gone and I just treated it with regular low ph soap wash and canesten anti fungal cream. InĀ  week, it’s gone.

A valuable find tonight is shocking for me that this itchy feeling could possibly be a cause of her undergoing menopausal stage but we’re still not sure about it until we use the natural remedies I found today which I gave a link to above. On the other hand, for the sake of those who are undergoing the same experience as my wife today, I would like to shed some light in featuring the 6 major symptoms of menopause so women can understand that these changes are normal and the people around should more learn to understand the ordeals of a woman undergoing the menopausal period.

6 Symptoms of Menopause Period

  1. Hot Flashes
  2. Irregular Period
  3. Vaginal Dryness
  4. Loss of Libido
  5. Excessive Night Sweating
  6. Mood Swings

As of finishing this valuable article, I am hoping and excited to shed light to the itchy female organ issue of my wife but for now, I would like to leave it open and find out tomorrow if the common remedies for jock itch will take away the problem.

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