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October 19, 2015 painremedies KneeVideo Exercises

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Knee pain is no longer an athlete’s pain or a hard work activity pain, but did you know that knee pain is now incredibly a very common pain that affecting many people whatever their age maybe, or how hard their works may be, or how athletic you may be.

The most common causing knee pain are sprained ligaments, tendonitis, cartilage tears or runner’s knee.

Knee pain may also come from such diseases like Knee osteaoarthritis, Knee rheumatoid arthrtis, Tumors. Osteochondirtis dissecans disease, Gout, Tuberculosis arthritis and many other sources.

Some of the worst cases of knee injury may require you to undergo surgery which is the best to avoid infestions or more pain.  But you can avoid more pain in your kneed with the right diet and exercise.

For moderate knee injuries, you can just take some home remedies to ease the pain. th (24) Here are some of the tips you can do for your knee injury:

  • Elevate you knee to the right height you’re most comfortable.  You can do it like putting a pillow under the heels of your feet to reduce the swelling.. It will help your blood to circulate better.
  • Avoid activities requiring you to use your knees more like going up and down a ladder if you’re a construction worker, or if you are an active athlete, you need to rest your knee for a few days until swelling and pain goes away.
  • By putting a knee bandage or knee caps for protection, compress your knee well but be sure that it will not be too tight so that blood will still continue to circulate well.
  • Put ice directly to the pain or swollen part for 15-20 minutes every 4 hours until the pain is gone.
  • .Take a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs to help you from the pain and swelling.
  • Exercise by stretching your knee and legs.

Here is a sample video how you can take care of your knee once in pain.  Make it a habit to do this eventhough the pain is gone.

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