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January 28, 2016 painremedies KneeYoga Exercises

th (5)One of the common pain or ailment of people reaching their 40s are having weak knees.

It may be because of the energetic lifestyle when they were young, driving from home to work, a real heavy hard work.

But men, women, children of different ages, races and ethenicity are not exempted for having knee problem

Having weak knees may be a sign of early detection of arthritis or other joint illness.

It may not be too late for the young yuppies to try do the yoga exercise for a healthy lifestyle and strong knees.

In the video, our instructor will demonstrate the five yoga positions for achieving strong knees.  The positions are called:

  • Veerasana


  • Konasana

th (1)

  • HastPadAngushtasana

th (2)

  • Bhujangasana

th (3)

  • PawanMuktasana

th (4)

We are hoping that these five easy yoga positions may be of help to your knee problems and may it be your daily routine.

Enjoy yoga!

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