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March 4, 2016 painremedies Skin

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Mosquito bites are the most common house pest bites that is so very irritating not only to our skin but we all know mosquitoes bring many diseases that are very harmful to our health.

Dengue, malaria, yellow fever and the latest mosquito-borne disease zika virus are some of mosquito diseases that we might experience once we do not get rid of a mosquito infested place.

Here are some of the natural medicines and most effective pain/itchy relief that you can easily find in your home and can serve as your first-aid treatment:

  • Vinegar – apply directly a small amount of vinegar to the bite.  Apple cider vinegar is most effective if you have five or many mosquito bites. Or if you think you feel that bites are all over your body, try to put 1/2 a cup of vinegar and bathe from it before rinsing.



  • Baking Soda & Water – mixture of this compound is very effective on swelled and itchy wounds.

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  • Aloe Vera – eases the itching and swelling of the bites and also heal if there are any wound caused by scratching. A fresh aloe is more effective to use.

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  • Honey – with its anti-microbial properties, honey will not only help ease the itchiness, but it will help with the infection.

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  • Lime / Lemon – like honey, lime or lemon will not only help ease the itchiness but will help the wound not to be infected.

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  • Essential oils – mixed the oils with water then apply it to the affected area.  As we all know, these essential oils are relaxing, so with applying the oil, it can also smoothen and relax your skin.

  • Garlic – has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are very beneficial to any wound. With applying garlic directly to the wound, you will feel a small burning sensation but do not worry, it is a sign of garlic’s anti-bacterial properties.

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  • Onion – takes off the sting out of a bite. Put a slice of onion directly to the wound to subside the itchiness.



  • Bar of Soap – rub a dry bar of soap directly on the bite to relieve the itchiness temporarily. Wash away the residue from the soap once the itchiness stops.  A minty soap is most preferred because of its cool effect to the skin.


  • Toothpaste – apply a toothpaste directly on the bite and let it dry for several minutes then wash and clean your skin.

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