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What your body tells you about your illness

November 17, 2016 painremedies DiabetesDiseaseEyeLiverMouthSkin

Did you know that our body can tell your illness? If you don’t know yet … it’s not too late to be aware that our bodies will let us know that something is wrong with our health. Our bodies give us warning signs initially for potential life-threatening or long illness, if only we listen and become […]


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Are there natural cure for Gout?

September 14, 2015 painremedies DiseaseToes

Gout is a type of acute inflammatory arthritis that usually attacks the joint in the big toe. The main reason of having this sickness is the high lever of uric acid in the blood. It (uric acid) crystallizes in the joints, tendons and tissues that causes the inflammation.


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Early signs and symptoms of Diabetes

September 11, 2015 painremedies DiabetesSigns and symptoms

The World Health Organization ranked diabetes as the 8th most common cause of death in the world.  And yearly, approximately 1.5 million deaths are attributed to or complication due to diabetes. Many were astounded to find out they have diabetes without feeling any kind of symptoms or signs that they have it even if they are practicing […]


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