Knee Ailment

Natural remedies to cure varicose veins

December 7, 2016 painremedies FeetKnee

Varicose veins is a common problem for people specially women who are over 50, overweight and even for women who gave birth. These are an abnormally enlarged veins appear in the skin.


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Yoga exercises for your knee

January 28, 2016 painremedies KneeYoga Exercises

One of the common pain or ailment of people reaching their 40s are having weak knees. It may be because of the energetic lifestyle when they were young, driving from home to work, a real heavy hard work.


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Home relief and exercise for knee pain

October 19, 2015 painremedies KneeVideo Exercises

Knee pain is no longer an athlete’s pain or a hard work activity pain, but did you know that knee pain is now incredibly a very common pain that affecting many people whatever their age maybe, or how hard their works may be, or how athletic you may be.


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