Acupressure Points and Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Relief and Boosting Immune System

September 20, 2013 painremedies AcupressureTherapy Massage

This article reveals what cold and flu is all about and how it enters the body of humans. First, according to many findings in the natural healing discussion boards and forums I’ve read, flu or cold gets into the body more easily when the immune system weakens and had less resistance. Now, the question is when do this happen? (Full photo credits to

Low body resistance happens when we overuse our body to make it tire out of the days chores and activities. Usually, working yourself out till you drop during night is the most common. Sleep is when the resistance of the body naturally develops and if you don’t use it for this purpose but instead to work harder for some reason, your body starts to weaken and resistance lowers. If and when this happens, immune system is also low. This is when the body generally turns acidic and a bit off with moisture.

cold and flu virus pictureYes, moisture in the body plays a very big role in maintaining a favorable condition which enables the body to naturally ward of or push away any disease-causing germs and bacteria. You see, we all live in an environment where bacteria is a medium of everything. The stuff we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe are all full of bacteria. Some of them may be helpful but most of them would be unwanted. When these unwanted bacteria sets in the body through the nose, ears, eyes and mouth, the openings should be full of immune bacteria but when you have low resistance and immune system, you get the cold and flu and any welcoming disease that could possibly get in your body. This is when the human gets sick.

Also according to discussions and forums I’ve read, when the body get heated up in fever, it is a natural reaction by the body that has detected something is wrong inside and has gone berserk in the body system interfering with the natural healing powers of the body. And since the resistance is weak, the illness sets in and gets into those entry points I have stated in this article.

So what are the natural remedies for your cold and flu when we are talking about acupressure and pressing points in some parts of the body? What is the real first approach for this sickness and what should be done more than just take western medicines and drink it. We all know that these pills might just do some suppressing to the body system that it may actually put you more in danger so I would like to suggest to try free natural remedies instead. Apart from they are free, you won’t need to drink anything but lots and lots of water for body moisture to regain and reset your body acidity to ward off bad bacteria and help create a body condition and  environment that is not favorable to them.

First, you can use acupuncture and acupuncture points. Second,you can use acupressure points in the body and third, you can try to relax the mind with simple breathing exercises in yoga. This will help you regain the needed oxygen in your blood vessels that will eventually help you get cured the natural way. So save the excitement, below are some common pressure points you can do yourself to relieve cold and flu the natural way. Please note that these tips I have featured are not the exact solution to any illness and disease. They are just mere suggestions and cannot be taken seriously as a medical prescription. Please consider taking yourself to a qualified medical professional first. Full photo credits to and Michael Reed Gach.

chest and body pressure point for cold and fluhead_face_pressure_pointhand and elbow pressure points for cold and flu

Apart from these photos depicting pressure points for natural remedy of cold and flu, there are other good home remedies that you can employ to use that won’t even endanger and sacrifice any of your internal organs compared to what damage western medicines can do to your kidneys and so on. We hope this has helped some, if not all of you in a ways or two small or big. Stay healthy always and don’t forget to subscribe to our updates via RSS feeds.

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