Sore Throat Home Relief with Salt Water Gargle

December 2, 2010 painremedies How ToThroat

We have already posted an article on sore throat home relief using ginger tea and we have also placed with that article the common causes of sore throat and how we get the said symptoms. Upon understanding first what pharyngitis or sore throat is all about, we may deal with it easily so here is another tip on that plus we have prepared a few information that might help you understand why we are always for natural pain relief rather than through medication.

1. Hard candies and sprays as well as the intake of lozenges can only give you temporary pain relief. What may conditionally occur is what must be avoided – In some cases, lozenges and hard candy are a choking hazard for children so do avoid intake of these meds in young children.

2. For adults, if your nose is clogged, nasal sprays such as Afrin may be necessary but be sure not to overuse this. A 2-3 day intake may resolve this issue but remember that it is NOT a good idea to use such medicine products. The reason is that you might be too dependent on them at the end of the day.

Simple home relief and natural remedy could be by gargling with salt water. If want to know how to prepare salt water. Just add 2 teaspoons of coarse / rock salt to tap water and dilute. Gargle the solution 2-3 times a day. Make sure that when you gargle, maximize the reach of your salt water mix as far as you can control it without swallowing the liquid.

Although there is really no danger in swallowing salt water, you might not like the pain it will give your throat. Be sure that when you gargle, the longer the solutions stays in the mouth, the better. That is as long as you can take and do the gargling.

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