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Having bad breath or halitosis is most of the time unpleasant and very uncomfortable to the person and to whoever he or she is talking with.

Mint is a very helpful solution for bad breath but it doesn’t cure the main problem.  Main causes of this condition comes from health prblems, the intake of food and some hygeinic flaws.

You may think that brushing your teeth properly makes bad breath be taken care of.  Of course it does, but you have to make sure that you are using the right toothbrush (the softness of the bristles matter), brushing your tongue, flossing and garggle with mouth wash.  But you see, this habit will not be successful if you do not see your dentist th (10)regularly.  Visit to your dentist twice a year is enough.

But sometimes, even if you’ve been religiously following the proper way to take care of your teeth, you just can get rid of the problems in your breath.  And if this persist, you may be experiencing not only hygeinic problems, but you may have health problems that causes your bad breath.

For some, they turn into natural cure to help remedy their bad breath problems.  Here are some of the natural health medicines that might help you:

  • Drink lots of water – water is the the most purest and nature’s gift to men to cure most of the diseases and including cure for bad breath. The tiny microbes in our mouth feed on loose food particles throughout the day, releasing odor-causing byproducts that end up stinking up breath. Saliva is your body’s built-in remedy for eliminating these bacteria. Drying of the mouth can play big part in developing bad breath because dry mouth causes the decompsition of dead cells in the mouth and tongue that may lead to the unpleasant odor. Drinking lots of water fights bacteria that produces the bad odor in your mouth and keeps your mouth from drying

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  • Nettle tea –  is a powerful herb that purifies the blood and can eliminate toxins from the body and stimulates the lumphatic system that can target the root of halitosis. It also increases the excretion of uric acid through the kidney that also contributes to your bad breath. Nettle tea helps in the regular flushing of toxins in your system.

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  • Zinc supplement – lack of zinc in our systems causes halitosis.  Zinc helps in maintaining a bacteria-free mouth.Eating food rich in zinc eliminantes the harmful germs and aids in its neutralization.  Some of the rich in zinc foods are pumpkin, cacao, organ meat and gourd seeds. Most of the mouthwash you can find in the market contains zinc.

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  • Salt water – gargling water with salt is very useful in fighting the bacteria forming inside your mouth.

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  • Other herbs that may help your bad breath problems are alfalfa sprouts, parsley, peppermint, dill, fennel, sage, licorice, dandelion goldenseal, echinacea, wild yam, myrrh, lemon, and chlorophyll tablets.

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  • Eat more raw foods – raw foods especially raw vegetables that are rich in fiber, can help prevent formation of plaque that contributes your bad breath, by scraping the excess foods in your mouth. These raw foods also helps to boost your immune system and fights bacteria causing unpleasant odor.  Eat more carrots, celery, apples and other organic crunchy fruits and vegetables.

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