How you can get rid of hot flashes?

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In this period, women will just say, how lucky men are for they will never experience menopause.  And most women dread the day their menopausal days are in the brink of the ticking of their biological clock.

Menopause is the stage when a woman will no longer experience their monthly menstrual periods and it typically occurs when they reach the age of 45 or 50. The reason for this is that  the hormone production in a woman’s ovaries decreases.

But before going menopause, a woman will experience lots of flaw in their bodies. th (27) Sometimes it increases your anxiety, always irritated, can’t sleep and most specially, many experiences hot flashes.

Hot flashes which sometimes spelled as hot flushes, happens due to the level of estradiol is decreasing.  But generally, hot flashes can be felt because of the changing of hormone level.

Hot flashes is the most common symptom of menopause and women experience the intense heat feeling with the excessive sweating and rapid heartbeat.  And typically, hot flashes last for 30 minutes everytime it occurs.

In a study, most of the women who endured hot flashes were:

  • drinking alcohol
  • consuming products with caffeine
  • eating spicy foods
  • feeling stressed or anxious
  • wearing tight clothing
  • smoking

Here are some of the natural remedies and simple lifestyle ways that could help you lessen the feeling hot flashes brings.

  • Lose weight – overweight women often have more hot flashes than healthy-weight women.  It’s because excess fat traps heat, making you sweat more to cool off your body.
  • Exercise – women who exercised on a regular basis also reported that they felt better overall, both physically and mentally.

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  • Yoga – the Child’s Pose could help return your body temperature just like a 11 or 12 year old girl, the common age when menstraution begins. 5- 10 minutes of this yoga position puts you into relaxation. Yoga practice benefits is the sense of control it provides, a sense you learn to bring to the hot flash itself.

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  • Black Cohosh – is a plant used widely for treating menopause and hot flashes. Black Cohosh is effective as pharmaceutical estrogen in providing hot flash relief and was effective at preventing excessive sweating. t should not be taken if you have a liver disorder.

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  • Flaxseed Oil – contains plant lignans that are similar to estrogen.  The fatty acids found in flaxseed oil are effective in reducing any menopausal symptoms.  Flaxseed stabilizes the estrogen level in women.

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  • Red Clover – contains a high amounts of phyto-estrogens known as isoflavones that helps reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes attacks.

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  • Sage Tea – drinking this kid of tea daily provides relief from hot flashes.

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  • Vitamin C – has bioflavanoids that help reduce the frequency of hot flashes.
  • Vitamin E – has an antioxidant that can help reduce the frequency of hot flashes and its symptoms.
  • Eat soy foods – soy contains powerful estrogen-like compounds called phytoestrogens, which bind to estrogen receptors and mimic some of estrogen’s effects in your body.  Soy foods are also low-fat protein foods.

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