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We do not claim any legal, moral, social or personal responsibility for whatever may result of our content’s wrongful use by anybody for whatever personal or legal implications or purpose they are used for including the effects that they may have to others in any form. Articles and information you can find here at Natural Pain Remedies does not necessarily express the author’s or owner’s opinion nor are they an exact and absolute alternative to medicines and the doctor’s professional and medical service. Anybody is free to use our content for whatever purpose it may serve at their own risk.

Exactness and Accuracy:

We do not claim that our tips,articles, videos and audio including remedy procedures, exercises and other information here at Natural Pain Remedies are absolutely, perfectly and exactly correct or to be observed or followed for treatment or whatever purpose, medical or not. Again, do so at your own risk. Do not blame us for any aftermath or effects on you with respect to our content here. It is always best to consult first with a doctor or physician before anything else.

One Response to “Disclaimer”

  • nerissa romualdo says:

    pede ko po bang malaman kung san banda ang branch nyo dito sa calamba and contact # also?iam suffering gallbladder stone and the recomendation of dr is was operation..ayoko po sana mag undergo ng operation,baka po matutulungan nyo ako?maraming salamat po..

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