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Instructional tai chi video for back pain

November 16, 2015 painremedies BackTai Chi

Back pain is the most common pain that we, old, young, rich, poor, man, woman encounter everyday. It can be among the most difficult and frustrating problems for patients and their doctors.


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Remedies to ease Shingles

October 5, 2015 painremedies DiseaseTai Chi

Shingles is an infection that is viral and may cause painful rash on the body.  Rashes can be found in any part of your body but commonly affects the torso.


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7 Weird Joint Pain Natural Cures and Relief through Diet and Simple Exercise

December 7, 2014 painremedies AcupressureAcupunctureChiropracticHow ToTai ChiVideo ExercisesYoga Exercises

Joint pain is one of the world’s biggest problems today (read an article from Web MD in the link or go find other resources like Mayo Clinic but please stay away from drugs you do not know about). There are so many causes as to why we feel pain in our joints and there are […]


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