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How to give first aid to a choking victim

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For some, choking is an ordinary incident that can be cured by simply coughing or drinking.  Choking happens when something (food, object) you swallow block the air path in your throat that will usually prevent the person to speak and breathe and eventually become unconscious.


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Getting rid of hemorroids

October 16, 2015 painremedies Signs and symptomsSkin

Hemorroids are the swollen vascular structures in the anal canal.  Anatomically, this anal canal help to control the stool and acts like a cushion.


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Thrombosis: Effects and traditional herb medication

September 12, 2015 painremedies Herbal MedicinesSigns and symptoms

Thrombosis is the blood clotting that develops in your body that blocks the blood flow in the affected are. ¬†If complication due to clotting occurs, it will affect your body’s circulatory system and blood will not flow to your brain and lungs. Thrombosis can be classified as venous thrombosis or arterial thrombosis.


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