What your body tells you about your illness

November 17, 2016 painremedies DiabetesDiseaseEyeLiverMouthSkin

Did you know that our body can tell your illness? If you don’t know yet … it’s not too late to be aware that our bodies will let us know that something is wrong with our health. Our bodies give us warning signs initially for potential life-threatening or long illness, if only we listen and become […]


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Natural medicine to cure first degree burn

March 29, 2016 painremedies Skin

Burns are the most common injuries and most of burn victims are children.


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Natural relief for mosquito bites

March 4, 2016 painremedies Skin

Mosquito bites are the most common house pest bites that is so very irritating not only to our skin but we all know mosquitoes bring many diseases that are very harmful to our health.


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