What your body tells you about your illness

November 17, 2016 painremedies DiabetesDiseaseEyeLiverMouthSkin

Did you know that our body can tell your illness? If you don’t know yet … it’s not too late to be aware that our bodies will let us know that something is wrong with our health. Our bodies give us warning signs initially for potential life-threatening or long illness, if only we listen and become […]


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Natural tips to whiten your teeth

April 3, 2016 painremedies MouthTooth

Nice smile … yellow teeth? For many of us, we can’t afford to go to a dental clinic and make our teeth a perfect pearly white teeth that can make boost your confidence to face and flash that very white teeth.


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Natural relief for bad breath problems

January 20, 2016 painremedies DiseaseFood health benefitsHerbal MedicinesMouthTooth

  Having bad breath or halitosis is most of the time unpleasant and very uncomfortable to the person and to whoever he or she is talking with. Mint is a very helpful solution for bad breath but it doesn’t cure the main problem.  Main causes of this condition comes from health prblems, the intake of […]


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