Home relief for dry cough

April 11, 2016 painremedies NeckThroat

Cough is the reflex action of clearing the throat from mucus and other irritants that may be caused by viral infection or problems in the lungs, an asthma attack or tuberculosis.


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7 home and natural relief for pain

October 20, 2015 painremedies BackKneeNeckSkin

Pain is the most common reason why you go to your doctors.  Minor or major pain, it is a distressing feeling that makes you more irritable, stress and problematic.


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Neck Pain due to Cervical Spondylosis

November 26, 2010 painremedies Neck

I have worked overtime all the time since I resigned from the amusement park where I work 2 years ago, computer work is what replaced my regular duty. To see to it that I can support my family with our needs, I work for long hours using my PC at home. With fear of getting […]


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