Benefits of drinking water in an empty stomach

February 2, 2016 painremedies DiabetesFood health benefitsHeadIntestineLifestyleStomach

  Drinking water in the morning with an empty stomach has been a very popular Japanese tradition. ┬áThe Japanese believed that it can cure many sickness and diseases than the modern medicines that are prescribe to us.


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The many health benefits of hot cayenne

January 21, 2016 painremedies Food health benefitsHealth BenefitsHerbal MedicinesIntestineStomach

The small and hot cayenne pepper or capsicum is not only to add spicy flavor to your food but this tiny red/green pepper gives so much health benefits that you will be suprise, is quite a small wonder herb.


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Natural remedies for people with UTI discomfort

January 6, 2016 painremedies DiabetesIntestine

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are most common in women than men.


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