How to have a healthy liver

February 5, 2016 painremedies Food health benefitsHealth BenefitsLifestyleLiver

There are health conscious personalities that have learned from the past health problems, and are willing and determined to change that lifestyle tradition of just eat whatever there is in the groceries or in the kitchen.


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Benefits of drinking water in an empty stomach

February 2, 2016 painremedies DiabetesFood health benefitsHeadIntestineLifestyleStomach

  Drinking water in the morning with an empty stomach has been a very popular Japanese tradition. ┬áThe Japanese believed that it can cure many sickness and diseases than the modern medicines that are prescribe to us.


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Yoga exercises for your knee

January 28, 2016 painremedies KneeYoga Exercises

One of the common pain or ailment of people reaching their 40s are having weak knees. It may be because of the energetic lifestyle when they were young, driving from home to work, a real heavy hard work.


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