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6 Top Common Symptoms of Menopause

October 20, 2013 painremedies How ToWomen Problems

perimenopause period

If you thought that you can find basic home relief to your itchy skin problems if you are under menopause stage development, you could be wrong with your ways to use them. But understanding how menopause works and its different symptoms will definitely help you know more and accept that there are certain things in […]


0 common menopause symptomsitchy skinjock itchmenopause periodperimenopause

Acupressure Points and Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Relief and Boosting Immune System

September 20, 2013 painremedies AcupressureTherapy Massage

This article reveals what cold and flu is all about and how it enters the body of humans. First, according to many findings in the natural healing discussion boards and forums I’ve read, flu or cold gets into the body more easily when the immune system weakens and had less resistance. Now, the question is […]


0 acupressure for sore throatboost immune systemhand pressure pointshead pressure pointspressure points for cold and flu

Traditional Hilot – Filipino Massage Therapy as Spa Service

August 26, 2012 painremedies Therapy Massage

It has been featured in countless television programs and segment productions and is still one of the hottest ways to cure, give relief, relax and take away stress in the body appearing as cold mumps (lamig) in the Philippines today. Traditional hilot otherwise known as the old-age (Pinoy) Filipino massage therapy is now being offered […]


1 ayurvedicblind masseurcombination massagehilot servicehilot spapt massageshiatsustroke massagesweedishthaitraditional hilotventosa

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