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Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or dysmenorrhea are common problems to most women during their monthly periods.  And if this happen, women just can’t ignore the pain menstrual cramps bring. It’s here that  you can use the phrase, women are so darn impossible to understand.

There are variety of symptoms of PMS and it keeps on changing depending on the level of women’s hormones.  It could be mood swings, food cravings, irritability and it may also contribute to depression which is so difficult for the people around to understand and how to comfort and give help.

And it is alarming that in some surveys, there are an increase on numbers of women with monthly PMS.

Here are some home and natural way that you can help fight or ease the pain brought by dysmenorrhea.

1. Exercise regularly

May it be light or heavy exercising, with PMS or none, our bodies need exercise. For women, regular exercise helps to counter and reduce the muscle cramps.

Some of the exercises that you can do are aerobics, yoga, brisk walking, dancing.  These exercise will help your body to relax.  Make sure you do lots of abs exercise for your lower abdominal muscle to take the PMS pain with ease.

2. Drink tea

Before drinking tea, we all know that water is the most important liquid for our body. Like the relaxation feeling tea can bring to your body, water is the purest liquid to hydrate and relax our body.  It increases blood circulation and can help skin to glow.

Almost all of the fragrant herbal tea have properties to make the body relax.  And it has anti-inflammatory properties to decrease prostaglandin which causes menstrual cramps.  Chamomile tea is best for PMS.


3. Take Vitamin D regularly

Vitamin D is essential in preventing menstrual cramps. Tofu, dairy products, pork and fish are foods with lots of vitamin D.

4. Apply some heat

This is a common practice to ease dysmenorrhea.  Heat opens up blood vessels to reduce the pain and improves blood circulation.  It also relaxes the muscles in the uterus once it contract.

5. Practice to have a good and enough sleep

From no. 1 to no. 4, we always say that the work relaxation.  And all of this natural ways help your muscles to relax because during PMS, there is contraction happening to the uterus and uterus muscles need to be relaxed to not cause you pain.

Who doesn’t want a very good sleep?  Men and women need to have enough sleep.  And for women, during your monthly cycle, you need to relax your body and sleeping can help you with that.

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