Traditional Hilot – Filipino Massage Therapy as Spa Service

August 26, 2012 painremedies Therapy Massage

Traditional Hilot Massage Therapy

Traditional Hilot Massage Therapy Using Banana Leaves

It has been featured in countless television programs and segment productions and is still one of the hottest ways to cure, give relief, relax and take away stress in the body appearing as cold mumps (lamig) in the Philippines today. Traditional hilot otherwise known as the old-age (Pinoy) Filipino massage therapy is now being offered in different spas out there that cater to giving holistic healing and comfort to the body, at times, being incorporated as a preventive measure to avoid health problems.

Today, traditional hilot has been integrated with many other massage therapy procedures and services and countless spas and wellness centers have begun offering related services but mostly fail giving the right expectations to customers. Now, what is the problem why these failures occur whenever a customer visits these spas? In my own experience as a massage therapy regular customer, I would like to make it a point that what lacks these relaxation massage centers is the communication to the customer level.

Servants and sad to say even owners fail to communicate and explain to customers that hilot as well as other services like Sweedish massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage even if combined if the problem of a patient or customer speaking of severity is high, chances are, it won’t take just 1 session to take it all out. Usually, it takes more than just 3 sessions of combination massage with ventosa to take out the pain, “lamig” and other problems of the body showing as aching parts and tendons.

The secret actually is not just in the massage itself but in the degree of treatment needed by a patient, customer or client and the way a service needed is explained by the serving masseur or massage therapist. In my case, again as a regular to blind masseur combination therapy massage is that before any session is started, I make sure to talk it out with my serving masseuse.

I try to explain as easy to understand as I could what I am feeling and what joints and aching parts of the body I feel and think needs more attention. I remind my serving masseur not to overdo it, otherwise, I will end with sore body parts and aching ligaments and joints instead of getting the relaxing result of a therapy massage. If you are on your way to one, please do explain your terms and don’t rely on the terms of the spa, massage service or wellness center you are visiting. Remember that you are the customer and not them. If there is one case which a body will suffer further if wrong treatment was rendered, it will be yours and not theirs or your therapist. Don’t put yourself in a place wherein you paid for something you did not want to happen because you will loose 3x you more than you should win after the service is done.

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  • evelyn bartolome says:

    interesado po ako sa healing galing product ..maari po ba akong maging magbenta ng product d2 sa cavite .Gen Trias cavite .Thank you po.

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