What your body tells you about your illness

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Did you know that our body can tell your illness?

If you don’t know yet … it’s not too late to be aware that our bodies will let us know that something is wrong with our health.

Our bodies give us warning signs initially for potential life-threatening or long illness, if only we listen and become conscious with the changes in our bodies.

Here are some of our body signs that can help us to be attentive and be cautious with our sickness:

  • Getting Shorter – It’s not that people around your are getting taller but you should be aware the next time you measure your height, if you get shorter by an inch, this may be a sign that your bones are slowly degenerating because of osteoporosis. As early as you reach your 30s or better your early 20s, start consuming lots of calcium, vitamin D and exercise.
  • Red spots in the eyes – If you didn’t encounter anything that may cause the blood spot in your eye, this may be a sign that your blood sugar is too high that can be a sign of diabetes. When your blood sugar gets high, the blood vessels begin to swell up and may burst the blood vessels in your retina that may cause its bleeding. You need not only check your blood sugar but you need to your eyes to be treated quickly for it might impair your vision that may cause blurriness or blindness.

  • Gray hair at and early stage – Gray hair may look sexy to you like Richard Gere but, if you are not Gere’s age, you better be thinking twice because, gray hair at a young age may be a sign that you are beginning to be a diabetic.
  • Discolored skin – We all know what our skin color is, now what if your skin turns yellowish? If this happens, you must see your doctor at once and your liver might be affected with this changes in your skin.  When you think that your skin looks pale in color, this may be sign of anemia.

  • Bluish lips – Pale red or pinkish are the normal colors of our lips. If your lips turn bluish, this might indicate heart or lung problems.


  • Eyebrows getting shorter – This might indicate that your having problems in your thyroid.
  • Dark yellow urine –  If you see this color in your urine, you might be suffering from dehydration, Drink lots of water. Coffee and alcohol makes you dehydrated.  Make sure to drink 8 glasses or more of water everyday.
  • White rings on eyes - Frequently found in the eyes of older people, but younger one may also have this and this may indicate high cholesterol that may lead to diabetes.
  • Dry lips – You may think that it is normal to have cracked lips in summer because of the heat and by simply applying lip balm is the solution. Cracked lips may indicate that you are lacking vitamin B or zinc in your body.

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