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February 21, 2016 painremedies HeartHerbal Medicines

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How can you improve the quality of blood and its flow through your heart?

Taking care of our heart is one of the more important things we should concentrate on once you reach the age of 30s when your are just beginning to live with the perks life.

Proper intake of healthy and non-fatty food, regular exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle makes your body a candidate for the healthiest bod.

There are too many healthy natural supplements that can help nourish your body and add energy to it.  But if you speak of the most natural supplements your body need to have a healthy heart, then, here are some that you can try and hopefully be your regular supplements:

  • Chokeberry – is rich in vitamins A, C, K and antioxidant source that decreases blood pressure and bad cholesterol.



  • Garlic – has ingredients to make our hearts free of bad cholesterol and normalizes the blood pressure.  Garlic can treat atherosclerosis by softening the arteries by breaking the bad cholesterol and fat that stick to the hearts inner walls.


  • Ginseng –  is widely known to boost our immune system.  It reduces blood pressure and reduces heart diseases.


  • Ginkgo – is a powerful natural medicine that will not only help you improve you memory but also helps prevent cerebrovascular diseases. Its leaf extracts helps to dilate the heart’s vessels to increase the blood flow.  Ginkgo can prevent and reduce congealing of the blood platelets to improve blood circulation to all major organs.  It can help in reducing signs of stroke.



  • Green Tea – has all the ingredients that our heart can benefit from. Consumption of green tea improves the heart condition, its performance to our body and makes heart improve to be healthy.  Green tea also improve the function of the blood vessel with a high concentration of antioxidant EpiGalloCatechinGallate of ECGC.

green tea

  • Hawthorn – lowers the blood pressure and helps make our hearts stronger to function better.  It also improves the our hearts in its oxygen intake and blood circulation to reach the different parts of our body. Hawthorn was found to also improve the function of the small capillaries and vessels.


  • Lavender Oil – is an antiseptic, antibacterial and contain sedative properties. It helps strengthen the heart’s muscle and improves contraction and relaxes the heart’s arteries and vetricles. This same sedative properties help in reducing heart’s irregular palpitation and hypertension.


  • Oregano – is has the ability to control your cholesterol, an antioxidant, has dietary fiber and rich with vitamin C. The antioxidants found in oregano fight the free radicals that can cause unlikely chemical reactions and prevent heart diseases. It is also an anti-inflammation and protects the heart from bad cholesterol.




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