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Eye Yoga Exercise

November 13, 2016 painremedies EyeVideo ExercisesYoga Exercises

Did you know that we the so-called Eye Yoga that can help your strained tired eyes relaxed? Average adults are now spending a lot of hours in front of the computer screens that sometimes are source of blurry vision, itchy and watery eyes. Headaches, double vision may also happen with this kind of lifestyle.


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Yoga exercise for stress relief

February 24, 2016 painremedies Video ExercisesYoga Exercises

Too much and under pressure can cause stress to a person. Stress is the emotional and physical disorders like depression, anxiety, hypertension, and other disorders may contribute to stress.


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Yoga exercise for achieving a flat tummy

January 13, 2016 painremedies StomachYoga Exercises

Wanting to have a flat tummy and eventually a hard rock abs? Better try this yoga exercise.


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