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Yoga exercise for achieving a flat tummy

January 13, 2016 painremedies StomachYoga Exercises

Wanting to have a flat tummy and eventually a hard rock abs? Better try this yoga exercise.


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How you can get rid of hot flashes?

December 17, 2015 painremedies Food health benefitsWomen ProblemsYoga Exercises

In this period, women will just say, how lucky men are for they will never experience menopause.  And most women dread the day their menopausal days are in the brink of the ticking of their biological clock.


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Fat burning, weigth loss yoga workout

November 27, 2015 painremedies Video ExercisesYoga Exercises

Yoga is a popular form of exercise to busy and active people.  Just like the benefits tai chi gives to our body, yoga is very beneficial to everyone.


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