Yoga helps for your back pain

October 22, 2015 painremedies BackYoga Exercises

There are many reasons why you are having back pains.  It may be from the muscles, bones, joints, nerves or most of the time, there is a problem in your spine.  Problems in gallbladder and pancreas may also contribute to back pain.


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7 home and natural relief for pain

October 20, 2015 painremedies BackKneeNeckSkin

Pain is the most common reason why you go to your doctors.  Minor or major pain, it is a distressing feeling that makes you more irritable, stress and problematic.


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Acupuncture: Back Pain Relief Home Remedies and Treatment

December 18, 2010 painremedies AcupunctureBackHow To

It has been proven both in personal experience and in many health and pain relief revelations online that acupuncture had so many relief-giving advantages when used in our body. There were even studies that tell about the long term reduction of pain with the use of acupuncture in back pain. If you want, you can […]


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