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Did you know that we the so-called Eye Yoga that can help your strained tired eyes relaxed?

Average adults are now spending a lot of hours in front of the computer screens that sometimes are source of blurry vision, itchy and watery eyes. Headaches, double vision may also happen with this kind of lifestyle.

This may also happen or felt with too much exposure from tablets, cellphones and watching television.

Your muscles, skin and bones are not the ones you need to exercise or have yoga exercises.  Your eyes too need to stay healthy and these simple eye yoga can help you attain healthy eyes.

Here are some eye exercises that can maintain your good eyesight:

1. Palming

For 10 to 15 seconds, rub your hands together to create friction and gently place it over your eyes. Do not touch your your eyeballs directly. Breathe deeply and relax while your eyes are close. The warmth in your hands can help re-energized your eyes. This palming exercise can also be done after every eye exercise.

2. Eye Rolling


With a soft gaze that relaxes your eye muscles and your face, slowly look upward toward the ceiling and slowly circle your eyes in clockwise direction. Be sure to make a large circular motion as possible.  If you can, focus on an object while doing this exercise.

Repeat this motion two or three times and then close your eyes and relax.  If you can still do it for three more time, do it in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Focus Shiftingeyes

Breathe comfortable, hold your arm straight out with loose fist and thumb pointing upward. Focus on your thumb and move it slowly toward your nose.  For 2-3 seconds or longer until you can no longer focus clearly on it.

Breath and repeat the same procedure at least 10 times.

4. Distance Gazing

Gaze on an object in the distant and focus on it as clearly as possible. Take a deep breath and slowly shift your gaze in another distant object. Continue this procedure with more objects around you.  You are not only trying to exercise and relax your eyes, but you are appreciating the bad and the good things around your.

These exercises not only improve your eye muscles but also can keep you have a clear eye vision.

Here is a sample and more yoga eye exercises that you can easily follow.

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