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Natural home remedy for headache

January 22, 2016 painremedies Head

Headache … that terrible pain, it may be a short while but, what if it keeps on recurring and you just want to get off from the pain the natural way.


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Natural relief for bad breath problems

January 20, 2016 painremedies DiseaseFood health benefitsHerbal MedicinesMouthTooth

  Having bad breath or halitosis is most of the time unpleasant and very uncomfortable to the person and to whoever he or she is talking with. Mint is a very helpful solution for bad breath but it doesn’t cure the main problem.  Main causes of this condition comes from health prblems, the intake of […]


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There are somethings not fishy with fish oil

January 15, 2016 painremedies DiseaseHealth Benefits

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are known to reduce inflammation in the body and the supplements it give is very beneficial to our body.  It helps preventing heart attacks and strokes.


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